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Brave Chick™ is passionate about making a difference in the development of women and girls.

Embrace. Celebrate. Create. Give.


At Brave Chick™ we embrace and uplift the authentic spirit of every woman. We celebrate and appreciate valiant and honorable men. We create artisanal hand-made, quality fashion jewelry that inspires confidence, courage and individuality. We give back by donating to nonprofit organizations committed to the fight against domestic abuse and violence.

Brave Chick Founder

Lejoi Reese

Creative Director, Founder

In this fast-paced, climb-to-the-top world, I am always humbled that you have chosen to visit the quiet rooftop spire – the hope and home of Brave Chick; that you came to experience a new yet familiar vista of life through my jewelry designs.

The moment of creation is a quiet purpose-filling experience, my hands express my heart… molding, designing, placement … and then mysteriously it comes together – my heart sings – and that’s when I know it is done. I love the personality of each piece. I hold the hope of sharing each piece with another who experience the beauty that it expresses.

It is my greatest desire that my jewelry inspires you, giving you strength and hope. Handcrafted with love and joy, each piece is unique, sculpted to imbue the wearer with vibration of the fullness of God. Choose a piece that speaks to you – do you sense the sweetness, gracefulness, and softness of God? Or does the piece speak of the unpredictability, passion and profoundness of our Creator? All pieces were made to acknowledge your uniqueness and your place in this world. Every piece was made to cultivate HOPE and LOVE in your life.

A message of hope through inspiration of design:

Throughout my life I have always struggled with a sense of belonging, especially as an African-America artist. It has been lonely and difficult when I found myself unable to fit into a predefined mold or be a reflection of those around me. Like many of you, I have had my share of hardships. With the help of friends and family I was able to escape a violent relationship. Like the finest gold, hardships refine and can purify. My art has become the safest and most expressive way to share the courage and strength of my deeper self with the world. May the wearing of it give you added courage and strength.


Bachelor and Master of Fine Arts from the Rhode Island School of Design.

Lejoi left a 15-year career as the Design Director at a $250 million textile company to apply her creativity as a jewelry designer and teacher. In addition to running Brave Chick, Lejoi teaches drawing, painting and sculpture to children and adults. Life’s a journey, and Lejoi’s path is a personal mission to use Brave Chick Jewelry as a platform to encourage others to discover their beauty and courage from within.


Please contact Lejoi if you would like to collaborate or require custom jewelry.