Brave Chick of the Week: Usha Mehta

Usha Mehta, an Indian freedom fighter known for operating an underground radio station was born in a small village near Surat, Gujarat on March 25, 1920. At a very young age, she developed an interest in freedom fighting. After she met Gandhi, she participated in many protests. The policemen constantly charged children and her father disapproved of her participation. However, once her father retired from his career as a judge, she had more freedom to stand up.

After developing the Gandhian lifestyle, she began the Secret Congress Radio with her associates. This station provided uncensored information from the government in India. Mehta and her associates lasted three months before incarceration. Shortly after her imprisonment, her health declined and her work slowed down. Mehta kept fighting and earned a Ph. D. From the University of Bombay. She continued to pursue work in politics and social work until death. She died a peaceful death August 11, 2000.


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