How We Give

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How We Give

How We Give

We envision a world where every woman is safe, treasured and celebrated. Through our blog, community connections and events we aim to promote, celebrate and bring awareness to authenticity, creativity and above all well-being.

At Brave Chick™ we are passionate about making a difference in the development of women and girls. We are committed to the promotion of authenticity, creativity and above all well-being.

A huge part of the Brave Chick™ mission is to give back in a meaningful and tangible way. For each product we sell 10% of the proceeds is contributed to our nonprofit ally NO MORE in efforts to eradicate and educate about domestic abuse and sexual violence.

Brave Chick™ also connects and collaborates with individuals, projects and organizations whose endeavors are improving our world for the better. Through our blog, community connections and events we hope to bring awareness to important issues that affect women’s well-being and be a part of a greater movement that helps women and girls to reach their full potential.


NEXT DOOR SOLUTIONS is a domestic abuse shelter committed to reducing and ending domestic violence through comprehensive quality services, unwavering survivor defined advocacy and collaborative strategic initiatives that target individuals, relationships, community norms, and societal attitudes.

Brave Chick donates product, money and time to Next Door Solutions with passion and pride to achieve the shared goal to end domestic violence and abuse.

NO MORE is a public awareness and engagement campaign focused on ending domestic violence and sexual assault. Using its signature blue symbol to increase visibility and foster greater dialogue, NO MORE seeks to break social stigma, normalize the conversation around domestic violence and sexual assault, and increase resources to address these urgent issues.

Brave Chick is excited to be an active ally for the NO MORE campaign through donations to

Not For Sale

NOT FOR SALE’S mission is to create a world where no one is for sale. Using business creation and social services around the globe Not For Sale fights modern-day slavery and works to empower vulnerable communities against exploitation.

Check out this amazing video demonstrating Not For Sale’s invaluable efforts towards abolishing human trafficking:

GrassROOTS Community Foundation

GrassROOTS Community Foundation is a nonprofit organization working to create a world where all girls grow up to be healthy women.

Brave Chick™ is honored to collaborate with GrassROOTS Community Foundation in hosting the informative #BraveRoots twitter chats. With engaging topics #BraveRoots chats are a forum for self-expression and growth.

Friends and Helpers

Friends and Helpers provides assistance and support to women, children and teens who find themselves involved in domestic abuse violence.

Brave Chick™ is committed to help in the anti-domestic abuse cause and campaign awareness by donating to Friends and Helpers.

Single Mom Planet

Single Mom Planet’s mission is to empower Single Moms to Be, Do and Have a dynamic life they love! We enrich single mothers through our Single Mom’s Life Classes certifying them in five key life empowerment areas; Self Image, Relationships, Finances, Spirituality & Service.

Brave Chick™ is honored to be a supporter and sponsor of Single Mom Planet!

Started originally as the PACT Program, Stevenson PACT Elementary School is founded on the idea of the parent, child, teacher partnership. Dedicated teachers and administrators create and execute an alternative, integrated, developmental curriculum. Stevenson PACT parents help to enrich the curriculum and support the school’s philosophy, applying the principles learned in Parent Ed both inside and outside of the classroom.

Brave Chick™ supports Stevenson Elementary by donating products to their PACT fundraising events.

Meathead Movers is revolutionizing the moving industry one relationship at a time. Their founding principle is to support student athletes working their way through college in pursuit of their own American dream, and that will never change. They work hard, have fun, and serve their community by providing premium moving services as well as assisting victims of domestic violence with a fresh start in life.

Brave Chick™ has pledged to support the #MoveToEndDV movement created by Meat Head Movers.

Fashion Institute of Technology - Black Student Union

The FIT BSU provides an opportunity for FIT students to explore and celebrate Black culture. They promote intellectual, political, social, and cultural awareness.

Brave Chick is pleased to be an FIT BSU financial supporter.

Playground Politix

R.A.R.E. Pearls‘ mission is to equip high school girls with the skills, values, confidence, and faith needed to reach their full potential and become productive women of excellence. They envision a world where every girl knows her value, discovers her own unique voice, and has a faith-filled vision for her future.

Brave Chick™ is so proud to be a sponsor of R.A.R.E. Pearls’ vital mission.

Playground Politix

Playground Politix is a highly impactful short film that tackles the issue of bullying at it’s core. With an all youth cast of dance prodigies this innovative work inspires us all to have strength in the face of opposition.

Brave Chick™ is a proud sponsor of this important and groundbreaking project.

See the trailer of this inspiring film!

Girls PACT

Girls PACT is a West Los Angeles based non-profit, curriculum-based program for young women ages 14-21 that fosters the development of personal values and self-confidence. With education in areas of sexual health and healthy lifestyles, Girls PACT empowers young girls to make informed decisions with confidence.

We salute the great work of Girls PACT and have pledged to sponsor their efforts.

Bridge To Home

Bridge To Home’s mission is to assist Santa Clarita’s homeless residents to transition out of homelessness. Their key goals include raising funds to further expand services that will provide comprehensive care, including: medical help, mental health assistance, job resources and placement, case management and access to affordable housing.

Brave Chick supports Bridge To Home by sponsoring fundraising events benefiting their efforts.