Anahata Point Pearl Necklace

Anahata Point Pearl Necklace

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In Sanskrit, Anahata means unhurt, un-struck, unbeaten. It is symbolizes love, empathy, and serenity not only with the world, but with one’s higher self. Anahata is known as the heart chakra associated with balance and calm. The woman who wears this necklace follows her heart and trusts in herself. With its healing energies, this necklace will soothe a broken heart and heal the weary soul.

Anahata refers to an energy point in the body near the heart and is associated with calmness, serenity and freedom from violence. You are called to be free.

Treat yourself to a gift necklace that will remind you and inspire you to love yourself, despite the pain that can come from loving too much. You deserve this.

Designer Note: Every woman knows the pain of heartbreak and the time it can take to heal those wounds. As this necklace came together I was struck not only by its simplicity and elegance, but the spiritual healing it brought myself in the process.



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