Chain Reaction Cuff Necklace

Chain Reaction Cuff Necklace

$100.00 $75.00

This unique, trendy chocker piece will release a chain reaction sure to turn heads! This cuff necklace features four free falling chains adorned with polished titanium coated quartz stones and contoured modern leaves. Incredibly dynamic, this piece can be work in two different fashions: wear the necklace with the chain cascading down the front for a flowing, sensual look or wear it as a true choker with the cuff around the front of the neck so the chain and leaves spill down the back of an open shirt or dress for a striking, sexy look not easily forgotten. Be exceptional and unforgettable with this one of a kind Chain Reaction Cuff Necklace found nowhere else! A unique gift for that unique woman – for under $100! Dazzle with the latest trends and keep those heads turning!

Designer Note: My goal as a jeweler is not only to make beautiful and unique pieces of jewelry, but to be an inventor – push the boundaries of what each piece can achieve. This Chain Reaction Cuff Necklace is a new twist on the choker. It’s trendy and daring – it’s altogether BRAVE! Support yourself and support our cause. Be a BRAVE CHICK!



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