Cosmic Chaos Cuff Bracelet

Cosmic Chaos Cuff Bracelet

$100.00 $75.00

You’re bound to stop time itself in its tracks wearing this phenomenal Cosmic Bracelet! Anchored on a hand-knotted open wire laced net, sits a unique titanium coated semi-precious quartz stone.

This stone, also known as the “Universal Crystal”, is believed to clear and purify the connection between the mind and body, bringing balance and harmony to everyday life.

Not only is this bracelet one of a kind, but it also has an adjustable cuff for an easy and quick fit! Take a walk on the wild side and gift yourself or the one you love with this incredible Cosmic Chaos Cuff Bracelet.

Designer Note: To me, this piece perfectly balances the intentional and delicate hand-knotted wire with the wild unknown of the cosmos in that breathtaking stone. A perfect example of raw beauty in a piece of jewelry.



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