Dangling Pearl Ear Cuff

Dangling Pearl Ear Cuff


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Be exceptional! Be unique! This one of a kind Dangling Pearl Ear Cuff will turn heads everywhere it goes. Life can often challenge us with hardship, which we must learn from in order to overcome and turn into something better. Pearls are created much in the same way!

Formed inside oysters and mussels, pearls are created when the mollusk reacts to pain received in its shell – often from a tiny stone or bit of sand. From the pain comes a rare and precious pearl that can often take years to form. These beautiful, tiny pearls delicately hang off non-tarnish gold plated chain to create a flawless feminine look.

Designer notes: Find strength in life’s challenges and you will excel. By overcoming hardship and turning it into something better, you inspire others to do the same. Help others find strength in their own voice by standing with the other Brave Chicks! Let’s all be as exceptional as we know we are and stand up for those who need it.   ~Lejoi

This unique ear cuff has received a 5 star rating on Etsy.com!




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