Dolma Pearl Pendant Necklace – Glowing Green

Dolma Pearl Pendant Necklace – Glowing Green

$45.00 $36.00

Brave in its simplicity … the elegance of a single pearl on a delicate strand echoes the power of ONE. One woman’s words have to power to encourage. One woman’s hands have the power to uplift. One woman’s hopes can inspire a nation. One woman can change the world.

Give the perfect gift to the woman who encourages, uplifts and inspires you.

And as if that isn’t enough, ancient Tibetans believed the green dolma pearl brings comfort and protection through action. So give yourself, or a woman you love, the dolma pendant necklace and with this piece of jewelry holds your thoughts of comfort and protection.

Designer’s note: The Dolma Pearl has so much meaning … I knew that I wanted it to stand on its own in an elegant woman’s necklace. Its strength and beauty lies in its simplicity, like the woman for which it was designed.

~ Lejoi


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