Double Pearl Wrapped Earrings

Double Pearl Wrapped Earrings


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Delicate in Strength.

Life can often challenge us with hardship that we must learn to overcome and turn into something better. Pearls are created the same way! Formed inside oysters and mussels, pearls are created when the mollusk reacts to pain received in its shell – often from a tiny stone or bit of sand. From the pain comes a rare and precious pearl that can take up to eight years to be formed!

These unique freshwater Biwa pearls are believed to possess the power of purity that cleanses the mind of its wearer. They are thought to bring wisdom through experience while enhancing alertness and increasing the wearer’s self confidence. Be proud of who you have become despite the hardships in your life. Treat yourself to these Double Pearl Wrapped Earrings – a special gift for you or the one you cherish for under $50!

Designer Note: There is such simplicity and grace in this piece. The elegance of the pearls in the earrings is neatly balanced with the relaxed twisting and winding of the wire. I love how the wire intertwines on itself, holding each piece perfectly together.


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