Golden Freshwater Pearl Ring

Golden Freshwater Pearl Ring

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With a golden opalescent luster, this handmade pearl ring is a beautifully unique statement piece. It is a perfect gift for any woman in your life who rejects machine-made mass production jewelry, and would rather enjoy uncommon elegant designs of custom-made works.

This gold stick pearl ring, wrapped by its designer’s own hands, shows a complexity while through harmony and balance. This is the perfect gift for the woman who deserves and demands more from life.

Designer Notes: I love the personality of this piece. The gold pearl colors are magnificent and demand to be front and center in this handcrafted ring. I thought of the woman who would wear it – someone brave, assured and knew herself. It is my hope that this ring inspires you, and gives you an added measure of strength and hope when you wear it.

~ Lejoi


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