Green Dolma Pearl Drop Earrings

Green Dolma Pearl Drop Earrings

$85.00 $68.00

Each of us has that special person who is always there – she held your hand in a time of hardship and laughed with you in a time of celebration. Whether she is your mother, sister, or best friend, she has been by your side just like you’ve been by hers.

Celebrate the strong women in your life! It only takes one woman’s power to encourage. One woman’s hopes to inspire. One woman’s heart to love! Give the perfect gift to the woman who encourages, inspires, and loves you!

Ancient Tibetans believed the green dolma pearl brings comfort and protection through action. Take the action of giving to the woman you love.

Designer’s note: Just like the Dolma Pearl Necklace, these Dolma Pearls have so much meaning … I knew that I wanted them to stand out on their own in these elegant earrings. Their strength and beauty lies in their simplicity, like the woman for which it was designed.



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