Inner Glow Crystal Wrap Bracelet – Clear

Inner Glow Crystal Wrap Bracelet – Clear

$135.00 $108.00

Wrap yourself in luxury! Encased in a soft nylon mesh, this delicate bracelet shimmers from the inside with spectacular light. Each Swarovski crystal is cut to precision, creating a flawlessly beautiful, high quality piece of jewelry.

Let the perfect lustre of this bracelet be a reminder of your own inimitable inner light. Put on the Inner Glow Crystal Wrap Bracelet and let all of your beauty shine through! A thoughtful gift for under $50 – perfect for any occasion.

Designer Note: While crafting this piece I was reminded of the light we carry inside us. On our journey we work to keep our flames burning so we can continue to light our path in times of darkness. We do this not only for ourselves, but to inspire others to do the same.




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