Modern Temple Quartz Earrings

Modern Temple Quartz Earrings

$95.00 $76.00

Clear quartz, also known as the “Universal Crystal”, cleanses the soul and purifies the body, creating a strong and clear connection between the body and the mind. It helps connect its wearer to the higher planes of existence, bringing balance and harmony to everyday life. Fill your life with inspiration and beauty!

A sanctum of minimalist design, these handmade Modern Temple Quartz Earrings are a must have for the sophisticated. Their classic elegance comes from the perfect visual balance and asymmetry of the smooth stones and architectural brass rectangles. An incredibly stunning gift for under $100 for the woman you love – especially if that woman is you!

Designer Note: The most challenging aspect of creating these earrings is selecting the perfect quartz beads to feature for each pair. I want you to feel a rush of excitement each time you open your jewelry box to wear these earrings.



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