Moon Mantra Pearl Ear Cuff

Moon Mantra Pearl Ear Cuff


This sleek feminine ear cuff with teardrop freshwater pearl is a modern rendering of ear jewelry. Maintaining the delicacy of a classic earring, this ear cuff plays with shape and form.

The Moon Mantra Pearl Ear Cuff has both strength and elegance in this minimalist ear cuff design. It encompasses the ear and directs attention to a beautiful teardrop moon mantra pearl.

A perfect present for your special someone who is both bold and sophisticated. Give this standout piece to the woman who enjoy eclectic beauty.

Designer’s notes: The Moon Mantra Pearl Ear Cuff is my expression of delicacy harmoniously contrasting fierceness. Daring, innovative and graceful all at the same time. I also love how the ear cuff is an earring and a cuff at the same time. The complexity of the application intrigues me.



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