Namaste Druzy Bracelet

Namaste Druzy Bracelet

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The color purple is a rare occurrence in nature and as a result it is considered sacred. This Druzy was formed by over millions of years of crystallization and often these crystals are birthed on previously deposited minerals. Like the druzy, a strong woman must often build anew upon herself to continue forward on a positive path. Also like these inimitable purple crystals, each woman is rare and sacred.

The purple of this druzy bracelet combines the calm stability of blue and the untamed fierceness of red to represent ambition, extravagance, creativity, and wisdom. Wear this luxurious bracelet to increase the imagination and re-energizes the learning of new things. This is the perfect gift for an independent woman who is taking leaps and bounds in her life. Welcome and greet your dreams with the wondrous handmade namaste druzy bracelet.

Designer Note: In Hinduism “Namaste” translates to “I bow to the divine in you.” Take time to honor yourself. May what you wear be a delicate yet powerful statement of who you are! Namaste!



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