Rainbow Quartz Open Cuff

Rainbow Quartz Open Cuff

$85.00 $68.00

Only found in Russia on the Volga River, rainbow druzy quartz is a relatively new discovery. This unique mineral is used as a shield against negative energy and is believed to help remove blockages to creativity while nourishing the body from head to toe. This druzy is varnished with a protective coat of titanium, a blend of beautiful and natural substances believed to enhance the metaphysical properties of the stone itself. An intensely visual stone, quartz is thought to aid in the stimulation of the inner eye. So don this striking Rainbow Quartz Open Cuff and focus your vision on the things that matter most in your life. A unique gift for a unique woman – for under $100! A thoughtful gift for someone to inspire them to invite positive energy into their life.

Designer Note: This is a unique, smaller style open cuff bracelet. I decided to offset the piece by adding an additional stone creating a more striking finished look. Each stone balances the other just right, while the gold wire ties them back into the open cuff. It’s an elegance bracelet that is also a piece of art.  ~Lejoi

This gorgeous bracelet has received a 5 star rating on Etsy.com!



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