Solar Eclipse Earrings

Solar Eclipse Earrings


Be as rare and beautiful as a solar eclipse! Catching and reflecting sunlight, these gorgeous dangling geode quartz earrings shimmer and twinkle with all the mystery of that rare phenomenon, which causes the world to stop and stare. These stunning earrings sparkle and tantalize as they dance over your shoulders, catching the eyes of those around you. These handmade beauties are available in both small and large sizes, perfect for any occasion, but always best in the sunlight where they can shine their brightest! A thoughtful present for a special woman who shines from within with all the beauty of a solar eclipse. A gift for any holiday or occasion for under $70! Let your inner sparkle shine through!

Designer Note: I spent a lot of time picking out the perfectly shaped geode quartz to fit these earrings. They needed to balance just right inside the thin outer wire to create the right amount of room to dangle. I wanted the quartz to have space to swing and capture the sunlight, casting a delicate sprinkle of light on the wearer’s shoulders. This goal I’ve proudly achieved!




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