T’ai Chi Double Necklace

T’ai Chi Double Necklace


The Chinese philosophy of t’ai chi focuses on the balance between yin and yang. In the martial art, students are taught not to meet brute force with the same, but instead to meet it in softness and fluidity. The student remains in physical contact until the incoming force of attack is exhausted or can be safely redirected, creating a balance between the two forces. The same principles are taught on a broader philosophical sense. This simple, yet refined necklace and pendant duo is elegant in its design, while making a quiet, meditative statement. It is said that violence begets violence so choose to rise above hate and meet it with a centered calmness.

Designer Note:The soft and the pliable will defeat the hard and strong.” – Lao Tzu We can make a difference together by standing up against violence and returning love instead.



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