Violet Anti-Violence Agate & Brave Chick Pendants

Violet Anti-Violence Agate & Brave Chick Pendants

$85.00 $68.00

Empower yourself! Empower others! Purple is a powerful and introspective color! Not only does it inspire unconditional and selfless love, but it encourages sensitivity and compassion.

Get in touch with your deeper thoughts! Violet contains the passion and strength of red while also embracing the spiritual integrity of blue.

This represents the union of body and soul, creating a balance between our physical and spiritual energies. Stand out by standing with those committed to the fight against domestic abuse and violence! Be proud and wear the Violet Anti-Violence Agate Necklace and two Brave Chick Pendants.

Designer Note: “Nonviolence is a weapon of the strong.” – Mahatma Gandhi


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