Artisanal, hand-made jewelry that inspires confidence, courage and individuality.


Celebrate your inner Brave Chick while supporting the movement.


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What People Are Saying

Brave Chick Buzz - Real reviews from true Brave Chicks everywhere!

Rachel McCord (The McCord List)

 They’re [Brave Chick Jewelry] all so different, so beautiful!

– Rachel McCord (The McCord List)

Christina Brown (Love BrownSugar)

 I love a positive and inspirational message and Brave Chick is full of them!

– Christina Brown (Love BrownSugar)

@mandimettler (Fit Girl Beauty)

 I am beyond grateful for Brave Chicks for creating this line to empower women to be BRAVE no matter how scary, painful, hopeless or unimaginable their obstacles...

– @mandimettler (Fit Girl Beauty)

Introducing our new men’s jewelry line:  VALIANT - “Honor Among Jewels”